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Marketing advisory board

To those who work in the field, marketing is a function of listening – understanding a market segment then finding ways to address its needs. How well do industry, the media and the public in general understand the real needs of older adults versus the perceived needs? For that matter, how clearly are older adults themselves communicating their needs to the world? The experts on this board – drawn from various areas of industry, but in particular the fields of marketing and communications – aim to raise the level of understanding in both directions to ensure supply meets demand, and perceptions match reality.

  • Lori Bitter, MS, The Business of Aging
  • Robin Craig, MA, MBK Senior Living
  • Douglas Fitzgerald, EdD, Boomer Senior Living International
  • Todd Harff, MBA, Creating Results
  • Anne Holmes, MS, National Association of Baby Boomer Women
  • Gill Walker, MS, Evergreen Advertising & Marketing

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