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Work groups

ICAA facilitates industry work groups to develop tools that support active-aging wellness programs. The work groups are composed of volunteers who provide expertise in program development and management, including people from retirement communities, academia, research and community services.

Work group projects are identified during ICAA Forum meetings with leaders in active aging. The goals are to execute broad-based initiatives that will aid many types of organizations and develop the capacity for wellness programs for older adults.

Active-aging wellness includes programs that support the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, vocational and spiritual dimensions.

Past projects

Benchmarks protocols work group
National-level benchmarks for the active-aging industry will enable organizations to measure the success of wellness programs. The work group is defining the business questions that benchmarks will answer, and setting the protocols for collecting the data.

For an overview of the project, [Learn more]

Wellness assessments tools work group
The group compiled an inventory of assessments used to evaluate the outcomes of wellness programs. This inventory includes assessments that primarily measure physical and mental health, wellness and quality of life. The assessments listed are either completed by the individual or by a professional administering the assessment. This group completed its work in 2006.

To become a member of an ICAA workgroup contact Pat Ryan. To learn more about membership in the ICAA please call toll-free 866-335-9777.

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