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ICAA’s Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate

Setting a new leadership standard in wellness management

Why you should enroll in a Leadership in Wellness Management Course?

As the active-aging industry continues to grow, and the number of wellness programs continues to expand, organizations that offer programming in aging are searching for leaders who demonstrate competencies in management such as communication, team building, programming, evaluation, outcome reporting, and who possess contemporary knowledge in best practices and evidence-based activities. Finding individuals who have this skill set, and are informed on the most current changes in the field, is an increasing challenge for many organizations. ICAA created the premier “Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate” to meet this challenge and fulfill this need in the active-aging industry.

At the 2016 ICAA Forum, delegates from senior living, therapy, consulting, and supplier organizations came together and discussed the return on investment in wellness staff. The consensus was that wellness staff, who are appropriately trained and supported, do impact the mission and business objectives of their organization and provide great value.

Do you wish to stay competitive and up-to-date in the wellness field? Are you ready to advance your career? Are you prepared to become a leader in your company as well as in the wellness profession? If yes, ICAA’s Leadership in Wellness Management certificate course is for you.

Who is the course for?

If you are looking for valuable new knowledge, skills and expertise in active aging and wellness management this professional certificate course is ideal for you. If you are looking for new ways to demonstrate the effectiveness of your program and its positive impact upon your participants, this certificate is just right for you. If you want to build a professional network and share ideas and resources, ICAA’s Leadership in Wellness Management certificate is spot on. If you are seeking a leadership role, methods to improve your programming and ways to support the mission of your organization, this course is perfect for you.

This course is for:

  • Wellness staff,
  • Activity Directors,
  • Human Resources Personnel, Program managers in older adult programming,
  • Upper-Level Administration (management),
  • Students seeking careers in aging and older adult programming and others interested in wellness management.

What is in the course?

Led by an international faculty and supported by current research and best practices, ICAA’s “Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate” is a blend of formal instruction and interactive discussion designed for you to connect with other participants in the active-aging field. You will build a portfolio that includes a business plan, a business case and a number of ideas that will enhance your program and career. You will learn to breakdown silos that may exist by working across departments, bridging organizational boundaries, and building successful community partnerships. You will learn ways to bolster your wellness department and build a culture of wellness throughout your entire organization. You will learn cross-functional skills and ways to apply to apply strategic leadership to advance wellness programs within your organization and your community.

Module topics include:

  • Strengthening the wellness culture;
  • Effectively communicating;
  • Becoming a Leader;
  • Mapping and assessing;
  • Building the business case within the departmental plan;
  • Evaluating performance;
  • Catalyzing change;
  • Enhancing marketing and advocacy skills;
  • Creating high performing teams, and
  • Identifying key resources and technology.

Why should my company support this?

Companies whose employees have earned ICAA’s Leadership in Wellness Management certificate will show that they meet the new standards in the active aging industry and lead the competition. The benefits from educated and skilled employees can lead to greater program visibility, growing participant numbers, higher program quality and increased revenue.

ICAA/ProMatura’s 2017 National Wellness Benchmarks Report reveals that those who participate in well-managed, interesting and well-staffed wellness programs demonstrate increased loyalty, improved program retention, and enhanced overall health. Senior Living community residents report that their health is superior to others their age, that they receive better value for the money spent at the community, and their stay is longer in independent living. (1) Strong, vibrant wellness programs have been shown to improve residents’ engagement in their community, improve mental health as well as reduce the number of falls.

Ninety percent of CEO’s and upper management (ICAA members) surveyed in 2017 by ICAA state that lifestyle/wellness programming is an important strategy for growing their business and 41% stated that they plan to increase their investment in wellness. (2) When choosing a CCRC/Lifeplan community, 44% of residents strongly agree or agree that the wellness program was a primary reason for the selection of where they will live, according to the 2017 ICAA/ProMatura report. The business case for developing, enhancing, and supporting a company’s wellness program is stronger than ever. The necessity for wellness professionals to understand key aspects of business and wellness is essential to the entire organization.

This course is for me!

If you are ready to enhance your skills, gain new information in wellness management, and support the success of your organization, ICAA will be offering the ICAA Leadership in Wellness Management certificate beginning in March 2018.

When is the course available?

Enrollment opens in February. Course begins in mid-March.

To meet the needs of working professionals, there are 2 enrollment options:

Fast track course: 10 weeks
Classic course: 15 weeks

On average, students should plan to devote:

Fast track course: 4-6 hours per week
Classic course: 2-3 hours per week

How much does it cost?

ICAA members: $595.00;
Non-members: $795.00; CEU’s- $50.00

How do my employees enroll?

For more information call ICAA: 1-866-335-9777 or email: info@icaa.cc


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