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Six reasons to attend

"I thoroughly enjoyed the ICAA conference 2016. I left feeling inspired and exhilarated after being in the company of like minded folks for 4 days and hearing about the innovative work that is being done around active aging. I left feeling optimistic, hopeful and quite proud of our field and the mission we all share, to change the view and experience of aging."

Cathy Sessions, Director of Marketing, Notre Dame Health Care

1. Relevant education

Choose from an educational program of seminars and workshops targeted to the diverse roles, settings and dimensions in active aging.

2. First-rate presenters

Learn from industry leaders and experts with top-notch skills, knowledge and experience of the active-aging industry, who also reflect its varied backgrounds.

3. Session handouts

Gain access to available session handouts before and after the conference.

4. Networking

Meet colleagues who share your passion for older-adult wellness and build your knowledge network.

5. Educational credits

Enhance your professional development by enrolling to receive continuing education units (CEUs) offered by key providers.

6. Trade show

Explore the trade show, featuring products and services to improve quality of life for older adults.

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