What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.

Conference & Trade show

ICAA Conference and Trade Show: Ignite your wellness culture
Long Beach Hyatt and Long Beach Convention Center,
Long Beach, California,
October 18-20, 2018

Team building

Come with your team. Leave with a vision

This is the year to invest more deeply in your vision and create a unified strategy where all team members are equally engaged. This is your opportunity to strive together toward the vision of maximum wellness for—and with—your clients. Make the ICAA Conference 2017 the incentive to get your entire organization on the same visionary quest.

Connect. This resort setting offers much more than a conference-like experience; it can provide the foundation for a company retreat, a well-earned reward or a team-building exercise. Here, colleagues can connect with one another and with other like-minded individuals in a more holistic environment, all to inspire mindfulness and curiosity, harmony and growth.

Share. Sharing expertise, gaining knowledge and generating ideas together from so many different facets of aging and wellness will encourage your entire team's momentum and drive. In such an open forum, ideas will flow. New strategies will emerge.

Invest. By engaging the entire team, you'll make a statement about the importance of wellness and each individual's participation and contribution. It's an investment in your collective future.

Include. A team event is a perfect opportunity to include people throughout your community or organization who focus on quality of life for older adults. In addition to staff, why not invite Resident Advisory Council members, individual residents, committee members and others so they can learn about and discuss the wellness philosophy? Through their engagement, personal opinions and real-life insights, they can help drive change. They can also help create culture change and advocate on behalf of your initiatives.

Through shared experiences and conversations at the conference and beyond, team members will create the foundation of your future success. A new vision will emerge. One to ignite your organization—and the future of active aging.

Highlights: Why host a company retreat?
• motivate your team at industry and organizational levels • share learnings together from ICAA's educational program • engage in brainstorming some strategies to implement new ideas • build relationships and understanding of wellness • educate and engage clients • reward staff with a longer resort stay

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