What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.




American Bath Group

Booth number: 89

The American Bath Group signature brand products include Comfort Designs Bathware, a specified accessible shower product by Healthcare architects; Swanstone solid surface; and Renovative Bath remodeling showers. [ Visit website ]


Bewell Solutions

Booth number: 114

Bwell Solutions specializes in fall reduction programs and design consulting services for Senior Living and Active Aging communities. The tools aid quality of life across the entire continuum of care. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 50

Biodex wellness technology helps enable the freedom of functional independence through a series of devices that work together to improve strength, balance & mobility. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 29

Bodyblade pioneered vibration and inertia training. Bodyblade addresses the deep dynamic stabilizers of the spine through exercises that adjust to the user, resulting in improved posture, balance and core strength. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 26

CaptionCall gives your residents who have hearing loss, a complimentary CaptionCall phone with free captioning service. The product helps them use the phone again with confidence and stay socially engaged. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 67

The CyberCycle is a wellness program built on the principle of having fun. It provides cognitive benefits, increases engagement and provides a fun social exercise program for your community. [ Visit website ]


Delaware Gerontology Institute, L.L.C.

Booth number: 82

The Delaware Gerontology Institute, L.L.C. combines Gerontology scholarship with product development. Extra-large print books provide cognitive stimulation and aid vision for aging adults in memory care. [ Visit website ]

Domtar Personal Care

Booth number: 103

For 35 years, Domtar Personal Care and the Attend brand have been providing customers, clinical experts and informal caregivers with the product and education solutions to address incontinence. [ Visit website ]


EnerG by aegis

Booth number: 76

Aegis Therapies professionals use proven techniques to provide wellness and rehabilitation services and targeted programs that help individuals return to their regular activities. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 118

Eversound facilitates senior living communities to deliver vibrant, engaging group experiences to their residents who experience hearing loss. [ Visit website ]




Booth number: 0

GrandCare is a caregiving technology that helps senior living providers monitor their community at a glance, send community messages and provide information to residents about events on a timely basis. [ Visit website ]

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

Booth number: 77

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness helps organizations create a fun, social and unintimidating outdoor gym for users of nearly any ability level or age, including users in wheelchairs. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 15

Companion Pets are life-like, motion-sensor-enabled plush interactive pets that bring companionship to aging loved ones. They look, feel and sound like real pets and are affordable, realistic and interactive. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 41

HUR USA is a major supplier of strength-training equipment to seniors, as well as to the rehabilitation and inclusive wellness markets. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 37

HydroWorx is a major manufacturer of aquatic rehabilitation and fitness products like adjustable floors, underwater treadmills, resistance jets and deep tissue massage with options to fit many applications and budgets. [ Visit website ]


International of Active Aging

Booth number: 17

ICAA connects a community of like-minded organizations and professionals who share the goals of changing society's perceptions of aging. The council supports these professionals with education, resources and tools for optimal success. [ Visit website ]

It’s Never 2 Late

Booth number: 25

It’s Never 2 Late builds intuitive computer systems for senior living residents that empower individuals to connect, engage and enjoy life with dignity, aided by the benefits of today’s technology. [ Visit website ]




Booth number: 9

Keiser pushes the limits of fitness science by creating fitness products that unite force and speed, with the goal of accelerating human performance beyond its current capabilities. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 78

KINESIQ offers exercise equipment that combines virtual reality and motion technologies. It serves to improve functional autonomy, physical and neurological conditions of fragile people within rehab and fall prevention programs. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 63

The Matrix functional movement solutions include equipment designed for use by specialists who prioritize movement as the key to a healthy future and to advance well-being at any age. [ Visit website ]

Medical Fitness Solutions

Booth number: 38

Medical Fitness Solutions provides non-pharmacological products and programs to facilitate the rehabilitation and aging processes. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 16

Miigen is a digital system that facilitates the collection of photos in a ‘digital scrapbook’ on the Miigen website. Scrapbooks can be viewed any time by the user. [ Visit website ]



Perform Better

Booth number: 115

Perform Better is a guide to functional training, conditioning and overall fitness. The Perform Better product catalog displays the tools needed to improve strength, speed, agility and total body performance. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 15

Precor® develops and manufactures premium fitness equipment, software and service solutions to help create personalized, effective workouts that feel smooth and natural for the user, no matter their age. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 104

Sagely is a digital health company focused on keeping seniors connected and independent. They provide online calendars, and track participation and level of engagement in activities for the user. [ Visit website ]

Select Rehabilitation

Booth number: 53

Select Rehabilitation provides comprehensive patient-focused physical, occupational and speech therapy services throughout 32 states, and partners with clients to provide support and expertise in regulatory and reimbursement issues. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 14

SeniorTV is a nationwide provider of TV and internet solutions for senior living and long term care, offering low-cost cable TV, internet, commercial grade LED TVs and community channels. [ Visit website ]

Shuttle Systems

Booth number: 101

Shuttle Systems provides world-class rehabilitation and performance equipment for physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength coaches and athletes. [ Visit website ]

Spirit Fitness

Booth number: 39

Spirit Fitness has been producing quality fitness products for 30 years. Each unit is manufactured to high standards at our company-owned, ISO-certified factory. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 56

The ICARE incorporates innovative design and ease of use, reinforcing SportsArt/s dedication to improving the lives of the Active Aging population and their care teams. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 65

SwimEx manufactures hydrotherapy pools for professionals worldwide. SwimEx pools are designed to be functional, easy to maintain, and can be customized to meet specific client needs. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 27

Sysco markets, sells and distributes food products to restaurants, healthcare, educational facilities and lodging establishments. Its family of products includes equipment and supplies for the foodservice and hospitality industries. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 61

SCIFIT by Life Fitness offers an extensive range of comfortable, safe, age-friendly cardio and strength equipment for the deconditioned exerciser and older-adult fitness markets. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 92

WOODWAY Treadmills feature a patented design offering precise speeds for safety and comfort, with a true zero start and adjustable speeds in increments of 0.1 mph. [ Visit website ]

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