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Access and utilize the ICAA library of scientific studies, reports and statistics to assist you with the development of your business case for wellness, program and community design and development, evidence-informed lifestyle choices and marketing strategies and approaches.

TechTalk: Wellness gone wireless-6309

TechTalk: Wellness gone wireless

When it comes to telehealth, "the future is now," according to a report from telehealth provider MDLive that looks at trends and opportunities in this emerging area.



Older adults overdosing on opioids-6305

Older adults overdosing on opioids

The latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that the US opioid epidemic continues to worsen.


Falls management

Physically fit women less likely to develop dementia-6302

Physically fit women less likely to develop dementia

Highly fit middle-aged women were nearly 90% less likely to develop dementia decades later compared with women who were moderately fit, according to a study in Sweden.


Health promotion

"Low-value" health care services overused: poll

Only 14% of people over age 50 believe that "more is usually better" when it comes to health care, according to the latest findings from the National Poll on Health Aging.


Attitudes & perceptions

Digitalization among key household market opportunities-6292

Digitalization among key household market opportunities

The rapid globalization of Internet access is digitalizing households "at an unprecedented rate," according to Euromonitor International's 2018 Global Overview of Homes, which focuses on market trends through 2030.


Industry development

Stats: Over 90% of 50+ adults own a computer or laptop-6286

Stats: Over 90% of 50+ adults own a computer or laptop

Older adults have "embraced technology" in their daily lives and are using a variety of devices to stay informed and connect with others, according to a survey from AARP Research.



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