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Topic- Rebranding aging


ICAA Champions: introducing Parc Communities-4967

ICAA Champions: introducing Parc Communities

Georgia-based Parc Communities “believes in changing the stereotype of what it is like to get older,” says Senior Wellness Director Angela Butler-Hackett.


Rebranding aging

ICAA Champion: introducing Don Kiser-4911

ICAA Champion: introducing Don Kiser

Don Kiser is "an advocate for living it up." Born in New Jersey, Kiser leads an active life at Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village in Bend, Oregon. He sings with a group, golfs, exercises, and walks to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer. He also makes a point of staying up to date with current events. As an ICAA Champion, Kiser helps promote activities in the community and encourages his peers to participate.


Rebranding aging

ICAA Champion: introducing Dee Kirkpatrick-4792

ICAA Champion: introducing Dee Kirkpatrick

Dee Kirkpatrick, a "semi-retired" insurance agent living in Tyler, Texas, leads a life that includes faith, fun and family. She views active aging as "living life to its fullest," something she models for others every day.


Rebranding aging

The 'medicalization' of aging: what it is, how it harms, and what to do about it by Marilynn Larkin, MA-1228

The 'medicalization' of aging: what it is, how it harms, and what to do about it by Marilynn Larkin, MA

On November 17, 2010, the headline of a Washington Post health blog read: “Gwyneth dances great on ‘Glee,’ despite osteopenia.” The posting about actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s television appearance went on to explain that the 38-year-old star is “quite young for such a diagnosis” and imply that her dancing ability is somehow influenced by the condition, which normally affects older adults.


Rebranding aging

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