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Suppliers membership

Want more sales? Understand your market better.

As a Supplier Member, you are entitled to all the benefits and resources of an Organizational Membership. That includes volumes of industry research to help you understand the needs of your market – the most important step towards eliminating costly misapprehensions or errors and increasing the effectiveness of your product development, marketing and sales strategies.

Through our webinars, print and online publications, ICAA LinkedIn and FaceBook member sites you'll stay informed and up to date on what your customers are doing and thinking. And with the help of our Marketing Resource and its valuable guidelines and strategies, you'll do a better job of giving them what they're looking for.

Supplier Membership is a premium option for the professional marketing or sales person or sole proprietor who wants every available tool for reaching and selling to his or her segment.

Who it's for: Senior product or sales managers or personnel.

The cost: $619 per year.

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