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Thank you for your interest in participating in the ICAA's free online student intern database. The goal of this program is to aid industry recruitment efforts by linking potential interns with employers. To accomplish this goal, ICAA has developed an online database of universities and colleges that have an interest in partnering with ICAA members, and ICAA members who have an interest in partnering with universities and colleges. To find an internship program that works best for you, click here.

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To ensure your university, college or other type of educational institution, or provider organization is listed in the online directory, please complete and submit the online application form. You will also be able to highlight what types of interns you seek or provide, including those who specialize in gerontology, wellness, fitness, exercise science, kinesiology, physical therapy, and other specialties that focus on age 50-plus adults.

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You can print out these versions of the online form, to make it easy to collect the information you’ll need. You will enter the information into the online form.

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To find an internship program that works best for you, click here.

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