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Any ideas for keeping residents engaged during seclusion if they are not technologically savvy?

We have an asphalt walking trail that forms a loop. Residents may walk this trail through the forest as long as they maintain social distance. We have added to their outdoor experience and increased the number of dimensions of wellness during the walk by starting Phrase Finder. Each Monday, we leave clues at each entrance to the trail (there are 3 entrances) telling walkers the number of words in the phrase (usually 2) and how many letters they need to find. We chalk the clues right on the asphalt and chalk letters along the trail. After the walk, the residents have a word scramble to solve. Clues and letters stay visible until it rains or we clean them off on Fridays so that we can chalk a new phrase to solve the following Monday. Residents are having fun. Each phrase is inspirational or funny.

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