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Coronavirus response center

As you begin to reopen your exercise equipment areas and pool, what will be your guidelines? Will you require your residents to wear masks while exercising or will you only have them be at least 6 feet apart?

We are brainstorming "best practices" now. We are hoping that there will be some sound guidance to help us navigate the process. We were thinking of starting with one entitiy at a time, i.e., just opening the pool first, then the gym. But not have them open at the same time in the beginning.


Patti Kunselman  May 21, 2020

We are limiting our pool to 2 lap swimmers or 4 water walkers. Each resident will be screened (temp. & questionnaire) and be limited to 30 min. The showers will not be available and they can only use their own pool noodles/weights. In our gym, we are allowing 6 residents at a time with 30 minutes of exercise. They will also be screened. Staff will monitor each area for social distancing. All exercise equipment will be cleaned after each 30 min. session. Initially, we are asking residents to only sign up for one exercise session a week.

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