What's new: Creating your blueprint for a wellness-based community.

Coronavirus response center

How are you, your team, and your organization ensuring the physical, emotional, and mental health of your residents and or members during the Coronavirus outbreak?

We are creating program content that can be televised into resident apartments. For example, we have taped several exercise routines and included tips for staying safe and reducing fall risk within their apartments. We don't want residents to become deconditioned and we want them to practice safe habits when moving about their apartments (since they are spending more time there). Daily door to door service delivers brain teasers, art projects and even happy hour refreshments. We have cross trained our team members to allow for more hands readily available to help residents face time with family, tend to small groups of memory care residents and assist with everything from activities to sanitation. We are eager for springtime to take advantage of outdoor activity too. These may be challenging times, but I must say that the best creativity is coming to the surface amongst our coworker teams!

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