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Facility Guidance

Facility Guidance - I am looking to IHRSA for guidance on when to reopen common amenities. There are several good webinars. The first one, based out of Hong Kong, and how they dealt with the closures, and how they are reopening, with a phased in approach is excellent. I'd like anyone to contact me with additional information as a best practice is devleoped.


Andrew Wiltz  April 29, 2020

Hi Kathy,
I would be interested in the phase model in Hong Kong, particularly,if it addresses wellness centers for older adults.
Thank you!

Carolyn Leevy  May 19, 2020

I can see how IHRSA can offer some guidance, but I think when it pertains to our demographic there needs to be much more specificity.
I am hoping that ICAA will take the lead in helping to establish guidelines that pertains to Long Term Care facilities.

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