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[AGE-OLD PROBLEM] Ageism, career challenges plague unemployed people 45+ globally

New data from Generation, a global employment nonprofit, showed that midcareer workers confront accelerating barriers to employment and suggests interventions to improve their job prospects. Ageism is rampant, according to the research report, "Meeting the World's Midcareer Challenge," released on July 8. The report is based on a survey of 3,800 employed and unemployed people, and 1,404 hiring managers, to reveal global employment trends

Although global employers say their age 45+ hires perform as well — or better — than younger employees, they acknowledge that during the recruiting stage, hiring managers believe age 45+ candidates will struggle to learn new skills, try new technologies, and fit in with company culture

Employers and employees value training to enable career switching, but unemployed 45+ individuals who face the most financial and education challenges are the most hesitant to pursue training

These and other trends covered in the report existed before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has harmed employment opportunities and worsened employment conditions for midcareer workers: 37% of those switching jobs in their midcareer and over 50% of those seeking work say that COVID-19 has had a major impact on their employment status.

People ages 45+ face persistent and rising pressure in the global job market, according to the report, and their age is one of the greatest barriers to their finding a job: 71% of current seekers see their age as a major obstacle. The research finds strong evidence that perceptions of ageism are well-founded. Hiring managers hold negative perceptions of 45+ job candidates, stating that only 17% are application ready, 18% have relevant skills or experience, and 15% have the right fit with company culture.

However, the same hiring managers who expressed concerns about midcareer candidates acknowledge that 87% of their 45+ hires perform on the job as well as, or better than, younger employees. Further, hiring managers say that 90% of their 45+ employees have as much or more potential to stay with a company over the long term in comparison to younger peers

The report suggests four starting points to help solve the challenges that midcareer job seekers face. Read it to learn more.

To see highlights and download the full report, click here


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