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Presenting to 50-plus audiences: a practical guide by Brigid McHugh Sanner-215

Presenting to 50-plus audiences: a practical guide by Brigid McHugh Sanner

Providing orientations to new members or residents. Addressing community groups. Presenting an overview of your program to potential funders. Speaking at a conference or meeting. In your role as a fitness, health or wellness professional, you probably encounter numerous opportunities to make both formal and informal presentations. The following commonsense pointers can help you improve your effectiveness as a speaker—especially if your primary audience groups include older adults.



10 tips for selling with credibility by Colin Milner-96

10 tips for selling with credibility by Colin Milner

An unending supply of products and services claim to offer the fountain of youth to today’s aging society. Many pick the pockets of older adults instead. In the world of snake oil sales, the foot soldiers sell anti-aging products with claims that make those in the know cringe. This issue has caught the attention of the national media and the U.S. government. Senator Larry Craig (R-ID), the ranking member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, recently held a hearing on phony anti-aging products to focus on those who prey on the elderly. Until making false claims leads to more serious consequences, however, unscrupulous companies will continue taking advantage of the mature population.



Know thy market by Colin Milner-83

Know thy market by Colin Milner

In his book The Tipping Point, writer Malcolm Gladwell describes a magic moment when an idea, trend or social behavior crosses a threshold of consciousness and spreads like wildfire. The belief that the older adult market is the most powerful economic force the country has ever seen is tipping throughout society today. But, now, what do we do? How do we actually market to this demographic?



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