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And this Baby Boomer-not so much-2440

And this Baby Boomer-not so much

Since the Baby Boomer population, generally understood to include people born between 1946 and 1964, is so large, it’s not surprising that surveys can show differing results. There is a very large number of individuals with unique preferences and outlooks lumped together as “Baby Boomers.” This survey compilation reports Baby Boomers are more downbeat about their lives. Note the differences in the types of questions that were asked.


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This Baby Boomer is upbeat-2439

This Baby Boomer is upbeat

Since the leading-edge Baby Boomers born in 1946 begin turning 65 this year, there is a flurry of interest in their perceptions and intentions. This survey of about-to-be-65 year-olds finds them generally satisfied, upbeat and looking to the future.


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