What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.


ICAA's Research Review newsletter is a must for any health and wellness professional who intends to stay connected with the latest developments in aging research and population trends. Use these news stories to stay on top of the evidence in surveys, studies and polls that enables you to connect to the global active-aging community, establish relevant programs, and educate and market to older adults.



Stats: 40% of 65+ adults live with a disability
How do employers/employees perceive older workers?
Happy older Singaporeans may live longer
LGBT adults with dementia face unique challenges
Older adults healthier when medical care is coordinated
Tech Talk: Alzheimer's non-drug "breakthrough device"

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Stats: 17% of Canadian boomers to buy a home within 5 years
Older adults taking opioid meds often lack vital information
Music therapy for dementia may boost wellbeing, behavior
Older adults underestimate HIV risk, forgo testing
Fixing hip fractures quickly curbs risk of death
Tech Talk: The "hearables" are coming!

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Stats: 7.4% of LGBT older adults have dementia
Healthy diets linked to lower cancer risk
Exercise helps heart even if air quality is poor
Mobility in hospital neutralizes bed rest "toxicity"
Diversity trends to impact US senior living market
Tech Talk: Older adults "first adopters" of smart speakers

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Stats: More than 1 million in US with Parkinson's by 2030
Healthcare costs can drive employee wellness, savings
Stopping opioids doesn't worsen chronic pain
Recipient's QoL, not care burden, top priority for caregivers
Loneliness pervasive in public senior housing communities
TechTalk: Wearables can help diagnose AFib

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Stats: Smart home voice assistant market to grow 1,000%
Older men reluctant to seek help for stress incontinence
USPSTF updates osteoporosis screening recommendations
Neck and shoulder pain rising among tablet users
Older adults can safely donate kidneys
TechTalk: Gamified neurorehab system cleared by FDA

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Stats: 37% of adults take meds that may trigger depression
Intergenerational shared sites in demand
Optimal sleep linked to lower risks of dementia, early death
Physical activity resources loaded with jargon
No health benefit to vitamin and mineral supplements
TechTalk: Time spent sitting matters less for fit people

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