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Use online resources to encourage physical activity by Pat Ryan

Increasing physical activity is so important for the health of older adults of all functional abilities that it is recommended by the World Health Organization, along with agencies in Canada, Australia, Great Britain and the United States (1). Govern-ment and private organizations have flooded the Internet with information on the value of exercise for preventing or treating chronic diseases, pre- and post-surgery recovery, weight management and generally benefitting physical and mental health.

As a professional, how do you utilize these free online resources? Much of the information on websites is aimed at consumers; that is, the older adults themselves. Any person with an Internet connection and computer can find online words and pictures, calculators, tracking systems and video clips about physical activity. There are advantages to providing so much information online: it’s less expensive, more accurate to update, and has the potential to reach many more people than a printed pamphlet.

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