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Earth-friendly endeavors: Wake Robin nurtures a healthy, sustainable community

In June 2015, the New York Times published an article in its "Business Day" section delving into the growing demand for--and expectations of--green retirement communities. Writer Constance Gustke also mentioned some of the benefits of these "eco-conscious" communities, such as a healthier living environment for older adults and a reduced carbon footprint and financial incentives for providers. Among the communities profiled was Wake Robin in Shelburne, Vermont. Named for the deep-red trillium flower that grows in the northeastern United States, Wake Robin is a life-plan community that overlooks scenic Lake Champlain. Core values include respect for residents' dignity, independence and goals, exemplified by a "resident-powered" community life. ... Environmental stewardship is the other core value at Wake Robin. "We are committed to responsible stewardship of resources, to the beauty and accessibility of our community and surroundings, and to nurturing the environment for a sustainable future," its website states.

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