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Communicating culture change: Taking stock of one journey's challenges and successes by Kelly A. Stranburg, MEd, CEP, CSCS

It is nearly a year since I last shared with Journal on Active Aging readers the journey to become a culture of vitality and well-being at Sharon Towers, our not-for-profit life-plan community located in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a recap, we are focusing on repositioning our community as a center of vitality and well-being in the region. A destination that not only breaks stereotypes and stigmas that often exist with a retirement community or nursing home, but also inspires more positive views of aging. Throughout 2016, I wrote a column in the Journal highlighting and documenting steps we took, challenges we faced and lessons we learned along the way, to provide a potential culture-change roadmap for readers. ... So, how have we progressed with our communication efforts and what hurdles have we faced in the last 12 months as we continue to focus on changing our culture? Let's catch up.

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