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Prevention in active aging by Mark Liponis, MD

All too often, people feel they don't need to keep up with prevention after they reach a certain age, or once they've attained their "golden years." I've heard from many of my patients, "I don't need a colonoscopy any more," or "I made it to 75, so why do I need to watch my diet now?" There are some prevailing feelings that we might as well do what we do and let nature take its course once we've arrived at "retirement" age, or that "prevention" is something we do when we're younger to reach those later years. ... Of course, as active-aging professionals know, it's not just about the quantity of life, but also the quality. Who wants to spend their final 10 years unable to enjoy life, or being highly dependent on others? The best way that aging adults can assure a better quality of life is by taking an active role in prevention.

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