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ICAA Conference Facebook pageICAA Conference 2014: Moving beyond the status quo
November 13 – 15, 2014
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florid

ICAA Conference 2014

Conference brochureMoving to the next level

A rapidly aging population challenges society to come up with new models and approaches that address issues created by this change and maximize opportunities. As an industry, active aging supports healthy, productive living in older adults. The pace of change calls for us to create wide-ranging, innovative solutions to encourage Boomers and older generations to live well and continue contributing fully to society. To provide those solutions, we need to take active aging to a new level.

In 2014, the International Council on Active Aging Conference takes aim at “Moving beyond the status quo” to help you, and the industry, reach that next level. This year’s event sees ICAA move beyond the status quo as well in how content is delivered.

The educational program features 59 new presenters along with some familiar faces, who will bring their knowledge and expertise to a schedule of almost entirely fresh-to-ICAA sessions. An Idea Exchange encourages you to take a seat at the table and share your thoughts and ideas on hot topics with your peers in active aging. And the first-ever ICAA General Session brings you seven rapid-fire presentations by industry visionaries, each focused on looking to the future in one dimension of wellness.

Alongside ICAA’s 2014 Conference, a separate one-day symposium offers ideas, information and tools to move marketers beyond the status quo and motivate older consumers to new heights with an active-aging lifestyle.

A full life at any age

Active aging embodies a simple truth: People are capable of leading a full life at any age.

Contrary to society’s negative myths and perceptions about later life, the capacity to engage in life fully continues throughout the life span, even as individual needs, interests and abilities may change. This truth drives both ICAA, the professional association dedicated to Changing the Way We Age®, and the ICAA community.

It is the reason ICAA hosts a multilevel educational conference each year. And it is why professionals from across the active-aging spectrum gather here yearly to learn from and with each other. This one-of-a-kind forum offers you a full choice of seminars targeting the different roles, goals and dimensions aspects of active aging, plus a place to connect with colleagues who also support improved quality of life for older adults.

New opportunities, thinking

Since 2001, ICAA has worked with ICAA members and allies to promote active aging at every turn and support opportunities for older adults to live well. The overall impact of all these efforts is helping to redefine what it means to grow older.

In the active-aging industry today, moving beyond the status quo means building on what we already know in order to create new opportunities and ways of doing things. It means new ways of looking at older adults and their capabilities. It also means new thinking.

Examples include a focus on quality of life rather than longevity; the wellness model instead of the medical one; inclusion in society not exclusion; and opportunities rather than challenges. Another example is shifting from providing services to experiences. In these ways, we move toward the next level of active aging and create changes that ripple into society.

An informed workforce is key to success. The ICAA Conference 2014 is your vital link to new ideas, best practices, case studies and research from industry leaders and experts who are passionate about healthy, vibrant living for older adults. At this event, you’ll learn more about active aging. You’ll also discover what’s involved in moving beyond the status quo—for you, for your organization and for your clients.

Join us in taking active aging to the next level.

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ICAA Conference
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Medical Fitness Association Conference
National Alliance for Youth Sports Congress

Who should attend?

Vice Presidents
Wellness directors
Program directors
Activities directors
Executive directors
Board members
Sales and marketing personnel
Developers and architects
Resident life executives
Fitness instructors
Personal trainers
Health educators
Social workers

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