What's new: Active Aging Week campaign toolkit now available


It’s never too late to engage in courageous aging

"Humanity defines social norms that explain aging trends and establish expectations for the masses."

Falling can change your life: How to prevent it

"One minute you’re going about your business and the next — boom — you’re down. None of us plan on slipping in the bathtub or tumbling down a flight of stairs but it happens."

Healthy aging in the hispanic population caring for abuelita: The joys and challenges

"While most people are waking to their first cup of coffee, I am already making breakfast for my 83-year-old mom who moved in with us about three years ago. Taking care of our parents is customary in the Hispanics culture, however, I never anticipated the amount of work and effort needed."

The new National Blueprint on Malnutrition Advances Integrated Solutions

"What’s needed is a detailed plan of action, and that is just what’s provided in the new National Blueprint: Achieving Quality Malnutrition Care for Older Adults."

New nutrition resources to help “build back my muscles”

"You greet a new client for a physical therapy or fitness assessment -- Ms. J appears to be a young 75 year old with a recent hip replacement, who is excited to regain her strength. "

Are your clients going carb-free? Help them think again for healthy, active aging

"We all share the goal of helping 50+ individuals stay healthy and active. And, we all know that healthy aging is powered by nutrition and physical activity."

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