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About us


Who we are

The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) is a professional association that leads, connects and defines the active-aging industry. Unfettered by the constraints of geography, demographics, culture, politics or the status quo, ICAA continues to expand its knowledge and influence across multiple countries, sectors and organizations (10,000 organizational members that own or operate 40,000 wellness locations in 47 countries). The association provides ongoing education, information, resources, tools, inspiration and leadership to the active-aging industry.

Why we exist

ICAA launched October 1, 2001, to turn the idea of active aging into an industry. It inspires researchers, governments, organizations, health and wellness professionals, and older adults worldwide to work together to change how society views and responds to its older population.

What we do

ICAA educates industries on how to make their products and services more appropriate for the older population. This diverse market encompasses a broad spectrum of needs, wants, goals, abilities, aspirations and expectations-a challenge through which ICAA guides providers. The association also informs and inspires older adults to live a better quality of life.

Who we work with

ICAA is a go-to source for anyone needing information on matters related to the older adult. As a result, the association's counsel is sought by leaders in for-profit, not-for-profit, health and wellness, and manufacturing sectors, as well as governments at all levels. Among them, these parties include the NIA, HHS, Administration on Aging, NHS Scotland, Canadian Special Senate Committee on Aging, European Commission, and the OECD.

How we inform members

As ICAA members, active-aging professionals have access to current thinking and practices by world-renowned experts in medicine, science and academe. Leading authors and presenters provide education and content that supports ICAA's active-aging message, which the association disseminates through its educational platforms. These include the following:

  • an industry-leading print publication-Journal on Active Aging
  • online education-certificate course, webinars, virtual summits, videos, article library, handouts, information guides, career development tools, presentations, industry and scientific research, and white papers
  • in-person meetings-ICAA Conference, ICAA Executive Leadership Summit, and ICAA Forum think tanks
  • ICAA initiatives-Wellness Benchmarks, new Beacon Awards, Active Aging Week and ICAA's Changing the Way We Age Campaign


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