What's new: Unlocking the future: Closing the gap between consumer expectations and community offerings in senior living report.


ICAA press releases


June 3, 2024, ICAA Think Tank seeks to redefine senior living: Introducing 'Living Better, Longer' narrative


October 31, 2023, Award-winning senior living communities and CEOs ranked as the “Best in Wellness”

July 17, 2023, ICAA welcomes Marty McCallen to business development team

June 5, 2023, Groundbreaking report exposes major gap between consumer expectations and community offerings in senior living

January 5, 2023, New report from the ICAA Forum think tank explains how to go all-in to operationalize wellness


November 9, 2022, “ICAA Wellness Audit,” a first-of-its-kind strategic planning tool, is set to guide shift to wellness in senior living

November 8, 2022, ICAA and NuStep name “Best in Wellness” senior living communities, community centers, and CEOS

September 26, 2022, Wellness at the forefront of Active Aging Week 2022

July 21, 2022, Think tank advises on ways to fund the wellness business model in senior living

June 1, 2022, The wellness industry revitalizes opportunities for older adults

January 17, 2022, A bold idea and new strategies may solve labor shortages in senior living

January 4, 2022, ICAA NuStep Beacon Awards recognize 25 “Best in Wellness” senior living communities


October 5, 2021, A positive view of senior living highlights new ICAA Lifestyle Survey of Older Adults

Sept. 30, 2021, As ICAA celebrates 20th anniversary, it envisions a future defined by aging well

Sept. 22, 2021, Active Aging Week 2021 Highlights the Importance of Wellness

July 6, 2021, ICAA releases a conceptual framework for a reimagined senior living community designed for middle-income older adults

April 23, 2021, ICAA releases a Call to Action to reclaim health and well-being for older people

January 14, 2021, 5 Trends for senior living in 2021 emerge during ICAA Forum

January 08, 2021, ‘Best in Wellness’ senior living communities win ICAA NuStep Beacon Award


September 21, 2020, Active Aging Week 2020 to launch in-person and online

September 08, 2020, Colin Milner appointed to the WHO global network on long-Term care

August 13, 2020, Task force releases report to forge path towards “next normal” for senior living

May 18, 2020, Task force to lead senior living transformation after COVID-19


October 10, 2019-25 North American senior living communities win the Beacon Award for ‘Best in Wellness’

July 12, 2019, ICAA—Global Pioneer in Active Aging—Applauds G20 as It Shines Spotlight on Importance of Promoting a Healthy and Active Aging Society

June 26, 2019, Strong international partnerships at ELDEX

May 12, Active aging takes on new meaning, grabs global attention as the world’s population jumps in age

January 23, 2019, Four Surgeons General to tackle the future of aging and wellness at ICAA 2019 conference

January 15, 2019, ICAA and NuStep announce Beacon Award for 'best in wellness' senior living communities

January 7, 2019, Virtual reality devices, wearables, GPS trackers top tech wish lists of senior living communities

January, 2, 2019. Dramatic shift to wellness signals new era for senior living communities, survey finds


August 20, 2018, Record participation expected for Active Aging Week

January 5, 2018, International Council on Active Aging introduces wellness business summit for executives

January 5, 2018, Visionary MIT researcher to share the future of living in the ‘Longevity Economy’ at the International Council on Active Aging’s 2018 conference and summit


September 18, 2017, Drs. Andrew Weil and Richard Carmona to join hundreds at ICAA Conference and Trade Show 2017 to ‘ignite the future of active aging’

August 25, 2017, Unique Honey Bee Sanctuary in Oakland, CA wins 2017 ICAA Innovators Green Award

August 25, 2017, Inspiring approaches to active aging honored with 2017 ICAA Innovators Achievement Awards

August 25, 2017, Active Aging Week all set to 'ignite passions' in its milestone year

February 28, 2017, Investment in wellness offers senior housing investors and developers significant return on investment

January 30, 2017, Imaginative, original older-adult programs highlight 2016 ICAA Innovators Awards

January 30, 2017, Vermont life care community wins 2016 ICAA Innovators Green Award


October 5, 2016, Act now to make the Decade of Healthy Aging a success, ICAA urges older-adult groups

September 25, 2016, Active Aging Week wrap-up gala celebrates 15-year anniversary of organization that started it

June 1, 2016, Theme announced for Active Aging Week 2016

March 21, 2016, ICAA’s CEO to delve into impacts of changing demographics and workforce aging at international conference

February 18, 2016, Wellness directors in retirement communities find earnings rise along with responsibilities


December 20, 2015, Report: Wellness and lifestyle activities build resident satisfaction and improve length of stay in retirement communities

December 18, 2015, Meridian Village nets 2015 ICAA Innovators Green Award

November 23, 2015, ICAA recognizes innovative wellness programs

September 25, 2015, More than 3,000 events planned for older adults as Active Aging Week® 2015 begins

September 25, 2015, Active Aging Week 2015 encourages spirit of adventure in daily life

July, 20, 2015, ICAA’s Colin Milner Tapped to Keynote Inaugural Healthy Aging Summit in D.C.

June 17, 2015, Active Aging Week 2015 gains momentum as President's Council teams with ICAA

April 1, 2015, New website and resources aim to spur “millions more” older adults to participate in Active Aging Week®

February 10, 2015, Live Your Adventure is message to older adults for Active Aging Week® 2015


December 19, 2014, 10 things older adults – or anyone! – can do to lead healthier lives in 2015

December 15, 2014, ‘Graywashing’ takes billions a year from older consumers, says active-aging industry experts

December 4, 2014, Morrison Senior Living’s Travel the World program wins 2014 ICAA Innovators Practical Solutions Award

December 4, 2014, ICAA names RidgePointe as its 2014 Innovators Green Award recipient

December 4, 2014, ICAA celebrates five programs with its 2014 Innovators Achievement Awards

October 14, 2014, ICAA gathers experts to help businesses understand older consumers

October 7, 2014, ICAA mobilizes support for Stanford Center on Longevity’s 2014-2015 Design Challenge

October 1, 2014, ICAA celebrates 13th anniversary by releasing groundbreaking research

September, 20, 2014, 3,000 events planned for older adults as Active Aging Week® begins

June 25, 2014, ICAA's CEO to tell OECD that building the foundation for new social contracts is crucial to managing population aging

June 12, 2014, Moving beyond the status quo, 2014 ICAA Conference to feature rapid-fire discussion of aging trends and solutions from industry thought leaders

May 19, 2014, June 17 virtual Summit is a must for organizations working on High-Value Wellness programs for older adults

May 13, 2014, Survey finds active aging industry poised to meet older adults' lifestyle and wellness preference

May 5, 2014, ICAA introduces Active Aging Week® 2014: Let the Adventure Begin

April 22, 2014, “Keep learning and keep moving,” Billie Jean King advises Journal on Active Aging

April 15, 2014, New ICAA white papers lay framework for wellness programs and career paths in active aging industry

April 8, 2014, ICAA honors industry leader with ICAA INSPIRE Award


December 31, 2013, Nearly fifty percent of the population ignored by marketers

December 31, 2013, ICAA names recipients of 2013 ICAA Rebranding Aging Awards

November 4, 2013, ICAA honors five programs with its 2013 Innovators Achievement Awards

November 4, 2013, The Windham at Fresno receives 2013 ICAA Innovators Green Award

November 4, 2013, Interactive Health Partner wins 2013 ICAA Innovators Practical Solutions Award

October 17, 2013, ICAA invites journalists to learn how the active-aging industry is addressing issues related to population aging

October 7, 2013, Aging expert Colin Milner addresses United Nations' findings by offering "Nine Principles" for improving society's response to population aging

September 25, 2013, New ICAA report focuses on business opportunities created by population aging

September 17, 2013, Kick off ICAA Active Aging Week, feet first

August 7, 2013, 10 ways to age well

August 5, 2013, ICAA questions marketers: "Do you have what it takes to reach the 50+ consumer?"

June 10, 2013, World Economic Forum invites ICAA's CEO to participate in global network for sixth year”

April 5, 2013, Active Aging Week 2013 theme opens the door to “Discover your community”


December 2, 2012, ICAA unveils new model of active aging

November 26, 2012, Organizations Honored for Active-Aging Marketing Campaigns

November 26, 2012, ICAA reveals winners of the 2012 ICAA Innovators Awards

November 26, 2012, The Orchards at Southington wins 2012 ICAA Green Award

November 26, 2012, HUR Health and Fitness Equipment wins 2012 ICAA Innovative Solutions Award

November 22, 2012, ADVANCE Announces Partnership with ICAA

August 24, 2012, ICAA’s Colin Milner reveals 10 trends in active aging that are changing the face of today’s fitness industry

July 5th, 2012, ICAA announces recipient of its 2011 INSPIRE Award

June 25, 2012, ICAA’s Colin Milner to bring active-aging insights to two major international forums

June 6, 2011, ICAA applauds WHO resolution to promote active aging among its member states worldwide

April, 4, 2012, Active aging “critical” priority for world leaders, ICAA’s CEO to tell European sports ministers

January 26, 2012, Strong message to media, marketers in World Economic Forum's Ground-breaking Book

January 9, 2012, Partnership brings Age of Champions documentary to ICAA’s Changing the Way We Age® Campaign



December 19, 2011, ICAA Offers Older Adults 10 Tips to Become or Remain Healthy in 2012

December 6, 2011, Marketers Honored for Ground-Breaking Positive Images of Active Aging

December 5, 2011, Ignoring the 50+ market, businesses open the door for their competitors, expert warns

December 3, 2011, Study: Boomers shifting priorities, redefining aging

November 20, 2011, Marketers committing business suicide by ignoring 50+ consumers, expert asserts

October 31, 2011, Five initiatives recognized as ICAA’s 2011 Innovators

October 31, 2011, ICAA announces recipient of its 2011 Innovative Solutions Award

October 31, 2011, ICAA honors two organizations with its 2011 Green Award

October 31, 2011, ICAA names recipients of its 2011 awards - BACKGROUNDER

October 20, 2011, ICAA joins national Go4Life® campaign

September 21, 2011, ICAA Champions launch across the USA, vow “Aging will never be the same!”

September 10, 2011, ICAA's Active Aging Week is coming to a location near you

September 6, 2011, Six tips to change the way you age right now

August 30, 2011, “Anti-aging” products play on consumer fears, prompt negative reactions

July 28, 2011, ICAA challenges marketers: "Do you have what it takes to reach the 50+ consumer?"

June 22, 2011, ICAA’s communications guidelines show how to more effectively reach and portray people 50 years and older

June 6, 2011, ICAA warns consumers to beware of “graywashing”

May 23, 2011, ICAA’s Changing the Way We Age® Campaign invites organizations, individuals to help overturn ageist stereotypes

April 25, 2011, ICAA announces theme for Active Aging Week

April 20, 2011, “Rebranding Aging” Movement to Launch May 9 in Washington, D.C.

March 8, 2011, Kathy Smith to become ICAA spokesperson, advisor

February 21, 2011, Personal training poised for “transformation” by 50+ market: ICAA CEO

January 17, 2011, ICAA names top 10 trends in active aging

January 3, 2011, ICAA Checklist helps older adults find age-friendly personal fitness trainers



December 23, 2010, 10 Ways to extend a healthy life

December 20, 2010, Marketing to Boomers: Media Part of the Problem, Key to the Solution

December 5, 2010, American Council on Exercise expands partnership with ICAA

November 29, 2010, ICAA Research: The 50+ population envisions their future lifestyle as active and involved

November 24, 2010, Two wellness offerings honored with ICAA Innovative Solutions Award

November 1, 2010, ICAA names winner of inaugural ICAA Green Award

October 29, 2010, ICAA honors innovative active-aging programs and concepts

October 5, 2010, Active-aging industry grows services for older adults

October 1, 2010, 24 Hour Fitness proudly announces alignment with ICAA

September 24, 2010, ICAA CEO to discuss healthy aging in upcoming European Commission workshop

September 17, 2010, ICAA and APTA SECTION launch partnership in conjunction with Active Aging Week

August 31, 2010, Active Aging Week hosts roll out good times for older adults

August 23, 2010 ICAA founder receives lifetime achievement award from Can-Fit-Pro

July 28, 2010, ICAA leader to provide input at global roundtable on longevity

June 29, 2010, World Economic Forum invites ICAA’s CEO to participate in global network for third year

May 3, 2010, New metrics to define value of wellness in retirement communities

April 1, 2010, ICAA-TV makes its debut

March 12, 2010, ICAA launches in the United Kingdom with active-aging event

February 8, 2010, ICAA names the winners of its 2009 Innovators Awards

January 18,2010, ICAA to power Facilities and Services Locator for AARP



October 27, 2009 ICAA and supporters send an open letter to President Barack Obama and key pocilymakers

September 28, 2009 Active-aging industry leaders pinpoint key to older adults’ healthy living

September 17, 2009 ICAA to launch new GREEN Plan and expanded wellness model

August 24, 2009 ICAA chooses Patrick Hald to focus on business development

August 18, 2009 Older adults wisely invest their time during Active Aging Week

July 28, 2009 ICAA expands its Advisory Board, appointing 17 new experts

June 25, 2009 ICAA leader invited to participate in global network for second year

June 17,2009 ICAA survey: lifestyle programs for older adults are growing

June 4, 2009 ICAA announces messages and dates for Active Aging Week 2009

April 30, 2009, British Columbia invites ICAA to advise on healthy aging initiatives

January 7th, 2009, ICAA 2020 will shape the future of the active-aging industry

January 2, 2009 Checklist helps older adults selects age-friendly fitness facilities


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