What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.

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Partnering with ICAA builds demand for our industry – and your products

What’s the best way to grow your business? It’s a simple question that keeps business owners, managers, marketers and sales people lying awake at night. Strategies typically involve a variety of tools, from print advertising to social media, content marketing, trade shows and conferences. But while most focus narrowly on winning market share, they often overlook the single most important factor affecting the outcome of any marketing program: demand.

When the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) began in 2001, there was very little demand for programs, products or environments empowering the older population to lead full, active and healthy lives. Since then, ICAA has been busy building awareness of the vast untapped potential for fulfillment in the older adult world. Our initiatives – perfectly timed to concur with changing global demographics and an increase in the number of so-called ‘aged economies’ – gave rise to an entirely new industry: Active Aging.

Today the demand for Active Aging and wellness goods and services has multiplied exponentially, boosting our modest group of 100 members to more than 10,000, and leading to predictions of 112 aged economies worldwide by 2040. The groundswell of individuals and enterprises adopting the wellness-based concept of Active Aging into their lives and business plans has been similarly unrelenting and universal, causing organizations to rethink and restructure amid the rising clamor for more and better products and services. The spending power of the 50+ market is spawning entirely new industries. The technology component alone of the Active Aging sector, for example, now represents a $24.4 billion opportunity.

In an ICAA survey, 90% of ICAA CEOs and executive members in senior living and seniors centers (a $370 billion segment of the Active Aging industry) surveyed by ICAA said the concept of wellness is now a key part of their business growth strategies. Wellness has grown to $3.7 trillion worldwide, and wellness programs continue to expand among ICAA members, with 89% of organizations adding more activities, classes or programs in 2017-2018.

Recognition of the importance of wellness and Active Aging is driving demand. ICAA is driving demand. And the companies that have partnered with us share the understanding that investing in their own businesses through ICAA helps build demand – in the form of bigger, richer Active-Aging and wellness markets for everyone.

Which brings us to you and your organization

Do you believe major changes take major commitment? Do you believe in the power of setting long-term goals, then doing everything you can achieve them? Are you ready to be an active participant rather than a passive observer?

If so, we’ll show you how your organization can reach the thousands of businesses serving the Active-Aging market while helping that market continue to grow.

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