What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.

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If you believe in the importance of marketing, you know that today’s dizzying array of options – from social media and content marketing to trade shows and advertising – make budgeting for success tougher than ever. Luckily, the principle is as simple as ever: reaching your largest audience in the most cost-effective way.

Since 2001, ICAA’s push to build today’s active aging industry has helped millions of older adults around the world enjoy richer, fuller lives. Our efforts to unlock the untapped potential of the older adult market have also created new, laser-focused channels of communication between you and your future customers.

This year the demand for active aging and wellness goods and services continues to multiply exponentially, spawning entirely new industries and occupying an increasing portion of the economic spectrum. The technology component alone of the active aging sector is $24.4 billion in size. Senior living and senior centers account for close to $179 billion, and the worldwide wellness industry overall is approaching $4.2 trillion1.

With rapid growth comes rapid change, and this year the shifts are especially apparent. ICAA’s 2018 Active-Aging industry Trends report – a survey of over 700 stakeholders from many segments of businesses providing service to older adults – revealed a number of important trends, including the following examples.

Older adults are becoming more health-conscious. Our survey found a growing percentage of facility owners – 57% – believe wellness should be a 'must-have'.

Older adults are becoming more wellness focused. There is a shift taking place that, instead of being care based communities with wellness options (41%), senior living communities will be the opposite: wellness-focused with care secondary (59%).

More services for the younger crowd. Respondents chorused a need to create more programs, facilities and services for baby-boomers (aged 50-75).

While sales opportunities are expanding, access to them is as easy as ever. Through ICAA, you can reach your market in direct, powerful and sustainable ways, whether partner-ing with our respected publications, sponsoring one of our webinars or displaying your products or services at our annual conference.

Your investment in the active-aging and wellness markets through ICAA begins with a read through this brochure to explore those options, followed by a phone call to discuss where you want to be and how we can help you get there.

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