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Aging well: the great disruptor for 2021 and beyond

“COVID-19 has disrupted our industry” just might be the understatement of the century. Despite its adverse effects, the global unrest prompted ICAA members to shift services such as rehab, wellness, food and sales into digital and outdoor spaces at lightning speed. Industry suppliers who pivoted to support these shifts are finding success. Many others, however, reduced or paused their marketing and advertising. What are the consequences?

It takes three to five years to recover equity lost because of halted advertising, according to research company Nielsen. Long-term revenue can take a 2% hit for every financial quarter a brand doesn’t advertise.

With the pandemic’s catastrophic impact on businesses, any further reductions in revenue can be debilitating. It is vital to continue to market to your potential and current buyers—ICAA members—while being as cost-effective as possible.

Reaching the right audiences

Older adults have experienced the challenges of COVID-19 more than any other demographic globally. Providers of health, lifestyle and wellness products/services have felt the impact, too. Now is the time to reach these audiences to encourage healthier lifestyles and champion aging well.

Since 2001, ICAA’s push to build the active-aging industry has helped millions of older adults worldwide enjoy richer, fuller lives. Our efforts to unlock the market’s potential have created laser-focused communication channels between you and your future customers. For example:

  • Advertise in our respected publications.
  • Partner on our webinars.
  • Display products or services at our annual conference.
  • Sponsor a podcast with thought leaders and aging-well disruptors

Your investment in the active-aging market through ICAA begins by understanding your needs. Read through our annual Media Kit, learn how we’re the perfect fit, and then call us.

We’re listening. And we’re ready to help.


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