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ICAA's Age-Friendly Philosophy designates programs that provide the information, access and motivation you need to become and stay active. As you move through the aging process, you also move through levels of functional ability. The Age-Friendly Philosophy moves with you, highlighting areas for the older athlete, those who are active now or just getting started, and people who need a little help or a lot of help.

How to choose an age-friendly personal fitness trainer

A qualified personal trainer can design safe exercise programs appropriate to the client, whether frail or athletic. The two-part guide contains qualifications to look for and questions to ask a prospective trainer. An online and PDF resource for physical therapists, physicians, allied health professionals as well as older adults and their families.

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Age-friendly wellness facility/services locator

Find a facility or service that is age-friendly, based on ICAA and universal design criteria, by clicking on a state or province. The locator identifies places (for example, a retirement community, hospital wellness center or health club) with structural design, equipment and staff that welcome older adults. ICAA Functional levels help users choose the right capabilities.

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How to select an age-friendly fitness facility

Available online or as a PDF, this pamphlet presents the criteria for age-friendly facilities in a checklist format so older adults can evaluate a facility, and physicians, social workers, allied health professionals or family members can offer informed referrals.

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from research. The ICAA encourages you to make your own health and business decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified professional qualified professional.

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