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Advertise & exhibit

An essential and immediate platform to share information

Today, digital advertising is one of the most effective, economical and eternally accessible ways to reach your target audience and grow your brand recognition. ICAA is a valuable resource offering various vehicles to place your company, products, services and message directly in front of your target audience.


ICAA Showroom e-mail
Circulation 13,000+, limited availability (one per month)

This monthly platform places your new products and services directly into the inboxes of our 13,000+ members and affiliates in a cost-effective and efficient format, without printing and mailing fees that direct mail requires. You supply the materials, and we’ll distribute your message through the ICAA Showroom template.


ICAA COVID-19 Supply Chain e-mail

The ICAA COVID-19 Supply Chain e-mail is specifically designed to spotlight your valuable solutions related to dealing with the ongoing pandemic – without any of the printing and mailing costs associated with traditional direct mail. Just send us your materials, and we’ll ensure that all 13,000 of our members and affiliates receive it.


Banner advertising

ICAA newsletter
Circulation 13,000+, 12 times a year
600 w x 300 h, 72 dpi

Include your message alongside the latest developments in industry research and education, sent monthly to 13,000+ ICAA members and affiliates.

$550 per issue

Website banner ad
Limited availability (one per month)
765 x 95 pixels, 72 dpi

Capitalize on this economical opportunity to spotlight your products and services on EVERY PAGE of the ICAA website, which generates a quarter million visitors (page views) each year.

$3,000 per month


ICAA Webinar and ICAA Partner Webinars
ICAA’s live and on-demand webinars continually draw active-aging professionals from across the industry, including directors, managers, suppliers and wellness and activities staff. Among the variety of topics are the future of active aging, activities programming, medical research, trends in healthcare and more. Raise your brand profile among an influential audience by sponsoring a webinar that relates to your organization’s product or service.

$2,595 sponsorship per Webinar. Limited availability (one per month).

Included in your sponsorship are:

  • 2-minute introduction to the webinar
  • List of all webinar attendees
  • Written research question to attendees on brief follow-up survey

ICAA Virtual Summits
Industry professionals from a variety of sectors serve as presenters and attendees at these in-depth, 4.5-hour discussions. Sponsors of ICAA Virtual Summits enhance their brand profile among this target audience, receive access to the list of attendees and can ask 1-2 research questions on a brief follow-up survey. Plus, sponsors can share their message in a live 5-minute presentation during the Educational Break.

$3,000 sponsorship per Virtual Summit. Limited availability (3 per Summit).

Your organization’s ICAA website-based blog
This opportunity enables you to communicate information about your company or industry issues and build credibility in informal, personal way on the ICAA website. Reach a quarter of a million visitors a year, all working in the 50+ market. Note that blog guidelines must be followed, and excessive product promotion is not permitted.

$565 per blog, up to 4 blogs per month


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