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Getting your message out online

Front and center in the world’s leading information environment.

As the largest and fastest-growing information source in the world, the Internet is also becoming the largest single medium for advertising and promotional opportunities. ICAA offers a number of useful ways for you to put your company and your message in front of your target audience.


ICAA Showroom e-mail. Our monthly platform for great new ideas.
Monthly e-mail, circulation 10,000+

Have a product or service you want your customers to see as soon as possible? ICAA Showroom is a monthly e-mail specifically designed for the purpose of showing off your great solutions – without any of the printing and mailing costs associated with traditional direct mail. Just send us your materials and we’ll make sure all 10,000 of our members receive it.


ICAA Bi-Weekly/Research Review newsletter.
24 times a year, circulation 10,000+

Why just read the news when you can be part of it? Your message can be among the latest developments in research and education, sent weekly to more than 10,000 ICAA members.

Banner advertisement: $375 per issue, 600 w x 300 h, 72 dpi

For your video or banner ad, there’s no place like our home page.

Sometimes the best way to tell people about your products and services is to show them. Your three-minute video or banner ad will be instantly visible to each of a quarter million visitors (page views) we get a year. Because of their premium position, these two options are available only a first-come, first-served basis, and for only one company at a time per month. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a lot of eyes and ears paying attention. Quite possibly belonging to future clients.

Banner ad: $1,550 per month, 570 x 320 pixels, 72 dpi
Video ad: $1,550 per month for three-minute video


ICAA Webinar sponsorships. A direct hit with your target market.
Our live and on-demand webinars are tuned into by managers, suppliers, wellness and activities personnel. Topics range from the future of Active Aging to trends in healthcare, activities programming, medical research, nutrition and more.

Sponsoring a webinar that relates to your organization’s product or service is a powerful way to raise your brand profile in front of the people who matter most. And your sponsorship entitles you to a complete list of all webinar attendees and a written research question to them on a short follow-up survey.

$2,100 sponsorship per Webinar

ICAA Virtual Summits. Virtually certain to raise your profile.

Another way to make a name for yourself is to sponsor an ICAA Virtual Summit. These 4.5-hour discussions draw industry professionals from a number of sectors, both as presenters and as observers. As with our Webinars, they are an excellent way to raise your brand profile in the minds of the people who matter most.

Sponsors of our Virtual Summits also receive access to the list of attendees, and are entitled to ask 1-2 research questions.

$1,550 sponsorship per Virtual Summit

Educational breaks

Another great way to connect with your target market is to include an Educational Break in your marketing plan. These live presentations during our Virtual Summits allow you to present yourself and your company to a real-time captive audience for a full 5 minutes in whatever way you choose.

$1,995 each

Your own ICAA website-based blog. A great way to build credibility and future sales.

What better place to deliver a blog than the ICAA website? We get a quarter of a million visitors a year, all working in the 50+ market. A blog can provide info about your company in a relaxed and personal way. Note that this is not a place for aggressive promotion. Our blog guidelines are clear on what you can and can’t do.

$545 per blog. You can blog up to 4 times a month

Products and Services Webinar participation. Showcase your latest products and services.

Our Products and Services webinar is an opportunity for you to present your product and services directly to ICAA members. If you choose this format, you will be one of only three companies participating in a 60-minute session, with an allotted time of 15 minutes to deliver your message. Products and Services webinars are themed to specific areas of business in order to attract audiences interested and/or working in those areas.

$1,295 sponsorship per webinar

Rates effective from December 1, 2018 - November 30, 2019


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