What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.


Actions to support older adult nutrition and immunity

"Maintaining the physical dimension of wellness during this COVID-19 pandemic is critical to active aging. Nutrition and immunity are two interrelated areas of health that are both important to the physical dimension. "

Waking up to a new world

"What will the world look like when I wake up tomorrow? A lot of us ask ourselves that question daily. What we see in China and other areas of Asia, Europe—most notably Italy—in North America and spreading elsewhere is a prevailing concern for many of us. The novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, is grabbing hold of the global community."

10 ways to stay connected during COVID-19

"The need for physical distance leads many of us to feel socially isolated in these challenging times. Yet being socially connected is “considered a fundamental human need,”"

Building a culture of resilience

"Resilience is the ability to adapt and overcome, to rebound from stressors and return to a balanced state of well-being. It’s key to maintaining a positive quality of life—complete with joy, hope and possibilities—regardless of challenges."

Build a foundation for Active Aging with the ICOPE Guidelines

Active Aging Leading, connecting and defining the active aging industry since 2001. ICAA provides world class information, education, resources and tools to help health and wellness professionals be more successful with their clients age 50 plus

Hydrate to stay active

"Did you know up to 40% of older adults are under-hydrated?"

Malnutrition ≠ Active Aging

"Good nutrition helps older adults maintain or improve their health, and it supports the physical dimension of wellness."

Preparing the active older adult for surgery

"How can you help older adults prepare for an upcoming surgery to maximize their chances for a successful and quick recovery?"

How about trying a nutrition MOOC?

"Is there a topic you're interested in, but haven't had the chance to explore? Do you find it difficult to access affordable and flexible education options?"

Advocating for older adult health and good nutrition

"March is National Nutrition Month®, making it a great time to help older adults advocate for their own health by focusing on adequate nutrition. Good nutrition supports the physical dimension of wellness and can help individuals maintain or improve both their health and functional ability."

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