What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.


Food & fitness after 50: Helping your clients eat well

"Those in the business of promoting active aging find themselves seeking sound nutrition and exercise sources to share with clients. "

Is It "Just" Old Age… Or Is It Malnutrition?

"Some view declines in strength and vitality as a natural part of aging, particularly for the very old."

3 technologies changing the way we manage our health

"There was a day, in the not-too-distant past, when we needed an envelope and stamp to mail a letter, a theatre to watch movies, and a television to watch the news. "

Plan for 100, but Live for today

"First, realize that none of us are experts in all areas of our lives. Ask for professional help. "

The older population is set to transform the fitness industry

"In 2020, the number of people age 60 or older will pass one billion for the first time ever-that's one in every seven people."

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