What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.


Hydrate to stay active

"Did you know up to 40% of older adults are under-hydrated?"

Malnutrition ≠ Active Aging

"Good nutrition helps older adults maintain or improve their health, and it supports the physical dimension of wellness."

Preparing the active older adult for surgery

"How can you help older adults prepare for an upcoming surgery to maximize their chances for a successful and quick recovery?"

How about trying a nutrition MOOC?

"Is there a topic you're interested in, but haven't had the chance to explore? Do you find it difficult to access affordable and flexible education options?"

Advocating for older adult health and good nutrition

"March is National Nutrition Month®, making it a great time to help older adults advocate for their own health by focusing on adequate nutrition. Good nutrition supports the physical dimension of wellness and can help individuals maintain or improve both their health and functional ability."

Patients can't be active when their wounds don't heal: New resources and opportunities for improved wound care

"More than 2.5 million people develop pressure injuries each year in the United States, significantly impacting health, activity level and quality of life for many patients and their families."

New life, new vision

"On a recent visit to PBS's Next Avenue website, which bills itself as for grownups who want to keep growing, I saw a headline that caught my attention-Why senior housing needs to change to appeal to Boomers. "

We can't improve what we don't measure

"In working with older adults to improve their quality of life and maintain their dignity, we often start by taking baseline measurements to help determine the best course of action."

3 technologies changing the way we manage our health

"There was a day, in the not-too-distant past, when we needed an envelope and stamp to mail a letter, a theatre to watch movies, and a television to watch the news. "

Ken Dychtwald: How the Age Wave pathfinder inspired a new view of aging

"This acclaimed psychologist, gerontologist, author and consultant has made 'exceptional and lasting contributions' to the active-aging industry-for which he recently received the ICAA INSPIRE Award"

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