What's new: Creating your blueprint for a wellness-based community.

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At ICAA Education, we believe that wellness should be the number one consideration for any organization that wants to instill a robust culture and thriving community within its walls, and beyond.

The challenge: Wellness means different things to different people. Why is this an issue? According to a 2019 survey conducted by ICAA, 92% of organizations in the active aging industry believe it is very or extremely important that all staff in every department support wellness. However, only 34% of organizations are very or extremely effective in getting staff in all departments to support wellness. This gap, between importance and effectiveness, is why ICAA certificate courses are laser-focused on helping you to create a powerful wellness culture within your organization.

By enrolling in an ICAA course you are making a bold statement that you believe in wellness, and that your organization supports the future of your staff and the people they work with. To learn more, click on the courses below.

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