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ICAA's Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate

Setting a new leadership standard in wellness management

Wellness is a growth strategy for 90% percent of CEO’s and upper management (ICAA members) surveyed by ICAA in 2017. Some of these respondents (44%) view wellness/lifestyle as a high priority for their organizations while for others (41%) it is essential. Forty-one percent of these executives also plan to increase their investment in wellness between 2017-2018 while 89% of all survey respondent plan to add new activities, classes, or programs, during this period.(1)

As the active aging industry continues to grow, and the number of wellness programs continues to expand, organizations that offer wellness programming are searching for leaders who demonstrate competencies in management such as communication, team building, programming, evaluation, outcome reporting, and who possess contemporary knowledge in best practices and evidence-based activities. Finding individuals who have this skill set, and are informed on the most current changes in the field, has proven to be a challenge for many organizations. ICAA created the premier “Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate” to meet this challenge and fulfill this need in the active aging industry.

One course, two conversations

The brochure for “Organizations” was created to provide your organization’s administration with information about the course and to encourage them to support you while you pursue this certificate. In addition, this information helps them understand the concrete benefits of the Leadership for Wellness Management certificate and their return on investment.

The brochure for "Individuals" provides information on the benefits, rewards and advantages of earning ICAA’s Leadership for Wellness Management certificate for you as an individual.

To learn more, click on the "Organizations" or "Individuals" brochure below.


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