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Connect with other ICAA members

Connect with like-minded professionals who share the goals of changing society’s views of aging and improving quality of life within the seven dimensions of wellness. (This wellness model most commonly includes emotional, vocational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and social dimensions.)

Ways to connect

Facebook and Linkedin

As an ICAA member, you can join us online on Facebook and Linkedin, and quickly connect with your colleagues. It’s your opportunity to network with, and learn from, other professionals in facility and program development, management, marketing creation and implementation, and research.


ICAA's annual conference

Meet in person with dedicated colleagues, researchers and business leaders at the annual ICAA Conference. By attending the conference, you will learn what all branches of the aging industry are doing: government agencies, social services, leading research academics, equipment manufacturers, and wellness program providers.

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Career center

The Career Center offers you the ideal opportunity to connect with the right employee or employer. Whether filling job openings, finding mentors, student interns, or just letting potential employers know you are seeking a new opportunity, ICAA Career Center is your connection point.

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