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Tech Talk: Future of tech in the fitness industry-8753

Tech Talk: Future of tech in the fitness industry

Club Industry has released a compilation of articles on the now and future state of technology in the fitness industry. It's definitely worth a read by all active-aging industry professionals who want to stay abreast of current trends and prepare for what's ahead. Although geared to fitness clubs and companies, many of the trends and strategies are relevant for senior living and, possibly seniors centers, as well.



Fewer than half of older adults discuss alcohol with providers-8750

Fewer than half of older adults discuss alcohol with providers

Over one quarter of U.S. adults age 65 and older who used alcohol and had a healthcare visit in the past year were not asked about their alcohol use with their healthcare providers, according to a recent study that included data from more than 9,600 adults (about half men/women). Alcohol use is something active-aging organizations should be aware of with regard to their members and communities, especially since some recent studies suggest that alcohol use and abuse are increasing among older adults.


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Workplace interruptions create sense of belonging-8745

Workplace interruptions create sense of belonging

In an office or other collegial environment, it's a common occurrence: You're in the middle of a project and a colleague stops by to ask for help with a task or to share a photo of a new puppy. Instead of sighing at being distracted, a recent study suggests, know that these interruptions are beneficial to a sense of belonging and can counterbalance negatives such as lost productivity.


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Social support boosts older Chinese, Korean Americans' health-8739

Social support boosts older Chinese, Korean Americans' health

According to recent studies, during the pandemic, four in 10 people reported having anxiety or depression - up from one in 10 the previous year. And while a large body of research shows that strong social support networks can improve an individual's overall health and well-being, most of the studies have been concentrated in Caucasian communities; very little research has been done to understand these correlations in Chinese and Korean American communities.


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"Financial wellness" takes on new meaning after COVID-19

The term "financial wellness" has become a popular buzzword, and studies show that an individual's financial situation - and how they feel about it - can have a big impact on their overall wellness and mental health. In fact, a recent survey shows 77% of Americans agree "my financial health also affects my physical and mental health."



Stats: Daily walking lowers post-stroke death risk by 54%-8728

Stats: Daily walking lowers post-stroke death risk by 54%

People who walk or garden at least three to four hours per week (30 minutes/day), or bike at least two to three hours per week or the equivalent after having a stroke could have a 54% lower risk of death from any cause, according to a recent study. Younger stroke survivors - those under age 75 - benefited most: their risk of death was reduced by 80%. Those over 75 who exercised the minimum experienced less of a benefit, but were still 32% less likely to die. The retrospective analysis can't prove cause and effect, but it can motivate organizations and residents to encourage daily exercise after a stroke.


Physical wellness

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