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Tech Talk: Emory launches Empathetic AI for Health Institute-10214

Tech Talk: Emory launches Empathetic AI for Health Institute

Emory University has embarked on an initiative that aims to unite the power of machine learning and big data to transform the ways in which healthcare systems prevent, diagnose, treat and cure diseases on a global scale. Launching this month under the umbrella of Emory's AI. Humanity initiative, the Emory Empathetic AI for Health Institute will utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and computing power to discern patterns in vast amounts of data and make predictions that improve patient health outcomes in diseases such as lung, prostate and breast cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. This kind of initiative has implications for senior living, assisted living, and dementia care. It also offers another opportunity for collaboration, now in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and then in other regions.



Healthy aging toolkit facilitates evidence-based research-10202

Healthy aging toolkit facilitates evidence-based research

Australia's ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research and the University of New South Wales have launched the Healthy Ageing Toolkit. The toolkit, a website, is a repository of searchable information about aging cohort studies conducted around the world (current number of studies, 287) designed to support the study of healthy aging and its trajectories, as well as inequities related to healthy aging. Active-aging organizations may want to locate studies in their area of interest and contact the lead researchers about collaborations. This could be particularly relevant to university-based communities.


Health span

Lack of friend or family visits linked to increased risk of dying-10190

Lack of friend or family visits linked to increased risk of dying

Not being visited by friends or family is associated with an increased risk of dying, according to researchers from Glasgow University, Scotland. The authors suggest that their findings could be used to help identify patients at a higher risk of dying due to social factors, and to develop more effective interventions to combat the increased risk of death associated with social isolation. Active-aging organizations might consider paying special attention to residents who don't receive friend or family visits and find ways to encourage such visits, even if it's from sharing this study.


Social isolation

Extreme heat projected to increase cardiovascular deaths-10182

Extreme heat projected to increase cardiovascular deaths

Cardiovascular-related deaths due to extreme heat are expected to increase between 2036 and 2065 in the United States, according to a recent study, and the researchers predict that adults ages 65 and older and Black adults will likely be disproportionately affected.


Cardiovascular health

WHO releases toolkit on physical activity for older adults-10172

WHO releases toolkit on physical activity for older adults

The World Health Organization recently published a multifaceted toolkit aimed at promoting physical activity for older adults globally. ICAA CEO Colin Milner contributed insights for the toolkit, and while active-aging organizations certainly realize the importance of physical activity and are implementing their own strategies, this publication could add value. It provides evidence-based interventions to "educate and encourage" older adults to engage in physical activity, "engage and support" them, and "enable every day," as well as a deep dive into the key enabling factors that underpin an effective and sustainable approach to providing physical activity opportunities for older people. References and additional resources make the toolkit a "must-have" for active-aging management and staff who want to try new interventions and who make related presentations, especially in a global context.


Physical activity

Stats: 50% of employees uncomfortable discussing mental health-10158

Stats: 50% of employees uncomfortable discussing mental health

Even before the pandemic took hold, an estimated one in eight people globally were living with a mental health disorder. This was exacerbated by the pandemic, with estimates putting the subsequent rise in anxiety and depressive disorders at over 25%, according to a new report from Interact, a global workplace software company. While residents and members are affected, so are staff. Citing the American Psychiatric Association that only 50% of employees are comfortable discussing mental health issues, and inspired by the Ipsos World Mental Health Day report, Interact recently released a guide for supporting good mental health in the workplace.


Mental health

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