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ICAA Forum: The  future is an employee-first workplace-8914

ICAA Forum: The future is an employee-first workplace

Delve into the philosophy of a person-centered workplace to recognize how senior living benefits when each staff member is valued. Create an action plan using the nine strategies and 28 tactics to shift to a new approach that can recruit new workers and retain current staff members. Elevate each staff member to an equal partner in bringing to life the organization’s mission so staff members give the best possible experience to residents and customers.

Taking the next step forward-8913

Taking the next step forward

Insights and opportunities for improving care of chronic nonhealing wounds in older adult communities to better support healthy aging, nutrition, and quality of care outcomes.

Developed by International Council on Active Aging Wound Care Virtual Workgroup.
In collaboration with Abbott.

ICAA Forum: Wellness attracts the middle-income market-8693

ICAA Forum: Wellness attracts the middle-income market

New models are needed to meet the expectations and needs of people in the “middle income” range, who will look for value first, then the lifestyle they seek in a community for older adults. Framed by the dimensions of wellness, changes to the lifestyle opportunities, dining, built environment and integration into the larger community are detailed. Revenue opportunities and market potential are discussed.

Future-proof your senior living community-8221

Future-proof your senior living community

The next models of senior living need to be future-proofed, meaning the philosophy and infrastructure of the organization are built for resilience, able to withstand the stresses that will inevitably impact operations.

To prioritize the issues, the ICAA report "Future-proof your senior living community" focuses on four areas that are key to all organizations:

• The built and unbuilt environment
• Technology integration
• Workforce quality, growth and retention
• Wellness culture and lifestyle

Creating a path towards the-8109

Creating a path towards the

Strategies and tactics to position communities that seize the opportunity to reinvent culture and services during and after the pandemic.

Creating your blueprint for a wellness-based community-8108

Creating your blueprint for a wellness-based community

The following recommendations are intended to provide a general guide to help organizations create the tailored blueprints they'll need to move themselves-and the industry-forward as the wellness-based model becomes increasingly important to our businesses and society as a whole.

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