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ICAA Conference

For over two decades International Council on Active Aging's commitment to organizing both virtual and on-site conferences, along with regional events. These gatherings unite prominent experts across various sectors, including active adult living, retirement and assisted living communities, hospital fitness, rehabilitation, spa, health club, medical, and resort industries. Distinguished for fostering robust engagement, these conferences facilitate dynamic interactions among professionals and thought leaders from both public and private sectors, as well as academia. Attendees derive invaluable perspectives and knowledge, essential for effectively guiding their respective organizations.

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ICAA Virtual Summits

Our new Virtual Summits are the easy way to train yourself and your staff without the time and expense of travel. From the comfort of your office or conference room, our Virtual Summits let you enjoy a day-long, in-depth session of up to four webinars on a variety of topics.

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ICAA Webinar Series

Sit back in the comfort of your office and enjoy ICAA educational programs delivered to you via webinar. These educational sessions are specifically designed to offer you and your staff opportunities to expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and discover new ideas to implement in your organization.

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ICAA Forums

As advocates for establishing wellness as an integral component of an organization's strategic plan, ICAA 100 members, and invited guests, meet twice a year to discuss industry needs and brainstorm solutions. Held each May, and in conjunction with ICAA's annual conference, these invitation only events are a unique opportunity for thought, discussion and networking.

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