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ICAA 100 membership

Who qualifies: Designed for large organizations with multiple locations and a desire to stay at the forefront of the industry, this selected group of members is entitled to all member benefits and, in addition, is entitled to take part twice a year in the ICAA Forum think tank.

One annual fee enrolls up to five people per location in each of your locations, and includes one complimentary Annual Conference entry fee.

There's a reason ICAA 100 members reenlist every year. It works.

The cost: $5,750 a year.

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The Journal on Active Aging ® - 6 issues a year
ICAA’s signature journal has rigorous journalistic standards and brings articles of value to professionals at every level who are dedicated to promoting older-adult quality of life. Content sweeps across the active-aging landscape to focus on education and practice.

Includes password access to over 1200 transformative articles and client handouts, plus a category index to facilitate rapid retrieval.

ICAA Foundation for Wellness Certificate Course (5 free registrations, per location)
This must-have course will deliver new insights and methods for improving wellness programming, supporting your organization’s mission and staying competitive at a time when wellness matters more than ever.

One free conference registration per membership term
The ICAA Conference, Leadership Summit and Expo is a game-changer for everyone who attends. Uniquely focused on older-adult wellness, this information-packed event is more than a learning experience – it is a call to action!

Add unlimited number of locations at any time at no extra cost
When your organization grows, your new locations are automatically included with your membership, as is the ICAA Foundation for Wellness Certificate Course.

ICAA Forum Think Tank
Invitation to help forge the future of active aging. The forum meets twice a year with key industry leaders to brainstorm and craft solutions to industry needs.

Industry research and reports
Stay current on the latest research in active aging, compiled for you with practicality in mind – ways to implement cutting-edge wellness strategies in your organization.

White papers and Forum Reports
Delve deeply into key issues that are impacting active aging now and into the future.

Library of educational webinars, partner webinars, virtual summits and videos
ICAA’s webinars, videos and virtual events enable you to immerse yourself in the opinions of top experts in numerous subject areas, at any time in the comfort of your home or office. Most of these events are archived and available on demand, whenever you want to learn more.

ICAA Research Review - 12 issues a year
ICAA brings you news you can use from the latest developments in aging research and population trends. Stay on top of the evidence in studies, surveys and polls that enable you to connect to the global active-aging community, develop relevant programs, and educate and market to older adults.

Get inspired by how “living longer better” will change our world and the way we live. Join active-aging expert Colin Milner, thought leaders and aging-well disruptors on the forefront of this movement in ICAA’s new monthly podcast.

The “Colin Milner Rethinks Aging With…” podcast will offer a premium resource for everyone invested in the pursuit of aging well. Discover innovative strategies, expert advice and new ideas to help clients and organizations rethink aging.

ICAA Corporate Partner Guide, online product and services portal, ICAA Showroom
Benefit from special discounts and promotions from some of the largest suppliers of products and services to senior living communities, fitness clubs, community centers and other organizations serving older adults. ICAA’s corporate partners are industry leaders – established firms with track records of quality, reliability and affordability.

Member toolkit: Logo, press releases, posters, PowerPoint presentations
Everything you need to promote your organization to the media and in conferences with peers.

ICAA/ProMatura Wellness Benchmarks
Make the business case for wellness with these US national reports that aggregate data on wellness program outcomes, including physical activity, engagement, and purposeful activities. Use the data to assess the business impact of your wellness programs, identify areas for quality improvement and identify best practices.

ICAA's Active Aging Week
ICAA launched Active Aging Week in 2003 to celebrate aging and to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on a global scale. Organizations provide single or multiple activities for free to older adults to share positive messages and showcase their age-friendly wellness programs.

ICAA online network on Facebook and LinkedIn
Share ideas and best practices with other professionals committed to active aging. Expand your network of contacts and gain visibility as a thought leader.

Discounted rates for ICAA Conference, Leadership Summit and Expo
The ICAA Conference, Leadership Summit and Expo is a game-changer for everyone who attends. Uniquely focused on older-adult wellness, this information-packed event is more than a learning experience – it is a call to action!

Discounted rates for ICAA Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate Course
Led by an international faculty and supported by current research and best practices, this course sets a new leadership standard in wellness management and will help you build a culture of wellness throughout your entire organization. You will build a portfolio that includes contemporary business management and leadership content, resources, professional contacts, and an individual business case that can be applied immediately to your workplace.

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