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ICAA research and resources

A wealth of resources on active aging to help you.

As a media professional, you need information that’s topical, timely and credible to keep your readers informed. ICAA is an excellent ongoing media resource for news dealing solely with older adults and the industries serving them – distilling the most relevant issues and discoveries and delivering them through a number of print and online channels.

Our virtual library, for example, includes over 5,000 research studies, plus 1,200 articles on everything from designing a facility to running and marketing a program. For more recent information, our newsletters, press releases and two publications – our bi-monthly Journal on Active Aging® and our Functional U® – also offer authoritative material from respected professionals to help you craft your piece.

For a multimedia learning experience, our convenient webinars put you face to face with experts drawn from business, science, marketing and other fields – individuals hand-picked by ICAA for their expertise on a wide variety of subjects related to aging populations.

ICAA is also one of the few organizations that conducts primary industry research focused on wellness – while our store of secondary research reports and white papers has become a prime source for those spreading the active-aging message.

A media membership from ICAA is all you need for full access to all our resources. To apply for one, simply e-mail your full contact information to info@icaa.cc.

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