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The printed word. The traditional favorite is still the number one source of information gathering for ICAA members

The printed page continues to be a vital source of information for people from various disciplines working in the 50+ sector: managers of senior living communities and senior centers, wellness professionals and consultants, health care professionals, business owners and many others. They are smart, powerful and university-educated. And they continue that education by reading our professionally prepared publications.

You can reach them with a good print ad that spells out the benefits of your company’s products or services in a sweet, simple format.

Our flagship publication: The Journal on Active Aging®

Circulation 10,000+, published 6 times a year

The Journal on Active Aging is printed and mailed to our 10,000+ members six times a year. It’s the source most ICAA members turn to first for Active-Aging information. Your message included in this environment of editorial integrity and well-researched articles can be a very effective way to reach businesses serving the Active-Aging market.

  • $4,175 Outside back cover
  • $3,750 Inside front cover
  • $3,350 Inside back cover
  • $3,950 Center page spread
  • $3,549 Double page spread
  • $2,595 Full page
  • $1,999 1/2 page horizontal
  • $1,695 1/3 page vertical

Issue dates: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec

ICAA Products and Services Guide

Not a periodical, this is a reference that many of our members consult on numerous occasions throughout the year. Circulation is 10,000+.

  • $4,175 Outside back cover
  • $3,750 Inside front cover
  • $3,350 Inside back cover
  • $3,549 Double page spread

ICAA Conference brochure

Circulation 30,000+, annual, outsert and standalone versions only

Our conference brochure is mailed and personally distributed to more than 30,000 potential delegates to our annual conference (in-person or online)– many or all of whom are potential consumers of your products and services. We suggest booking early.

  • $4,175 Outside back cover
  • $3,750 Inside front cover
  • $3,350 Inside back cover
  • $3,549 Double page spread
  • $2,595 Full page

Additional opportunities to get your message out

$3,200, includes postage and handling on brochures (up to a maximum of 8 pages).

$3,400 (up to a maximum of 8 pages, 80 pound stock)

Preferred positioning
15% additional.

Agency commissions
15% agency commissions ONLY.

No commissions paid on
ICAA Product and Service Guide
ICAA Conference brochure outsert
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Rates effective from January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021


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