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ICAA and Active Ageing Australia announce partnership

For some years, the International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) has enjoyed a friendly, mutually supportive relationship with Active Ageing Australia (AAA), headquartered in the greater Adelaide community of Marleston, South Australia. Now the two organizations have formed a strategic partnership that offers members of Australia’s active-aging community the option to choose a joint membership through AAA—and with it, gain access to ICAA member benefits.


AAA, a registered charity, promotes "physical activity for a lifetime of health and well-being," according to its website. The membership organization's overarching purpose is to "build capacity for All Age Friendly policies, cultures and practices across diverse sectors and communities." Members include individuals, businesses, organizations, government departments at all levels, policymakers, public health and health promotion organizations, as well as health and wellness professionals. The new joint membership encourages these Australian entities and supporters of active aging to participate in the global active-aging movement while also accessing additional information, education, resources and opportunities.

In a video announcing the partnership to the country's active-aging community, CEO Colin Milner expresses ICAA's "absolute delight" with the relationship, adding that "we look forward to being of service to you now and in the future." AAA CEO Melanie Smith comments that "Active Ageing Australia are also delighted to be partnering with ICAA. This is a fantastic opportunity for Australians involved in the aging world sector."

To learn more about AAA and the ICAA-AAA joint membership, visit here. The video announcement appears on AAA's YouTube channel.

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