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ICAA/ProMatura Wellness Benchmarks

Metrics for the active-aging industry

The ICAA/Promatura Wellness Benchmarks answer key business questions:

  • How many residents participate in and value the program?
  • How are the program assets utilized?
  • Is there progress in terms of participation and outcomes?
  • Does wellness affect average length of stay?
  • Do participating residents stay more independent, longer?
  • Is there a potential for revenue contribution?

Use the ICAA/ProMatura Wellness Benchmarks to:

  • Assess the business impact of the wellness function
  • Set goals for the community
  • Set goals for the wellness program
  • Measure progress toward goals
  • Identify areas for quality improvement
  • Track progress over time
  • Compare the program with competition
  • Identify best practice

The numbers collected and tracked through the consistent methodology of the benchmarks:

  • Indicate adherence of the program to the community’s mission and values
  • Become a dashboard of key performance indicators
  • Demonstrate the value of the program to senior management, the board of directors, financiers, colleagues and residents
  • Provide solid information for community outreach and marketing
  • Anchor business plans for financing; support grant applications
  • Generate performance objectives and monitor results
  • Establish the basis for cross-department initiatives
  • Guide decisions on funding and purchasing
  • Separate residents’ perceptions of the program from other influencers of satisfaction
  • Compare the organization to its peer group and competitors
  • Show return on investment

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