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Inviting difficult conversations

Presenter: Karen Woodard, President of Premium Performance Training in Boulder, Colorado

Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Time: 9:00am PST, 11am CST, 12:00pm EST

As managers and leaders, it is important that we become comfortable with and good at inviting difficult conversations with our co-workers, residents, resident families or members whenever there is potential for conflict or disagreement.

Learning to become comfortable initiating these conversations in a supportive way, focusing on problem-solving, will enable all concerned to get accurate information, work through issues in a proficient way and create authentic connections by building trust.

This webinar will provide a framework and suggested language for embarking on difficult conversations and dealing effectively with them in a productive, functional way.

Learning objectives:

  1. Build more functional relationships.
  2. Work through difficult issues more proficiently.
  3. Create authentic connections by building trust

Presenter bio

Karen D. Woodard, President of Premium Performance Training in Boulder, Colorado and Ixtapa, Mexico is an international author, speaker and consultant devoted to successful sales, operations, management and hospitality training.

Her experience comes from owning and operating 11 businesses since 1983, of which she has successfully sold nine while continuing to operate two. Her clients include continuing care retirement communities, hospitals, community centers, athletic clubs, JCCs and country clubs.

Woodard attributes success to training staff well on sales, management, and hospitality - "the indispensable 3.” Her philosophy is to be informative, inspirational and persuasive.

Cost: Complimentary

Length: 60 minutes

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