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[SAY WHAT?] Communication tips to bridge generations at work

Interact, a workplace software company, has produced a communication guide aimed at bridging generational differences in the workplace. Although positioned as tips for communicating with generation Z employees, the strategies are useful for all five generations of people still working, focusing on building a "multichannel comms strategy [that] increases intergenerational contact and gives people more options - all without resorting to emojis or memes."

Overall, organizations should offer a "blend of communications," rather than only sending and email or Slack message," and cater to the needs of different groups, according to Interact. The guide tackles ageism - going both ways, such as someone is "too old" to learn a particular skill or "too young" to manage a team. Tips  include focusing on inclusive values: increasing intergenerational, as well as peer-to-peer, communication; creating opportunities for informal interaction; and encouraging bilateral mentoring - i.e., “each generation has different skills and life experiences to teach others.”

"Look beyond the date of birth," the guide proclaims. "Ultimately, we want to respect the differences between people without following unfounded assumptions about what they like or can easily access."

To download the guide, click here

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