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Getting your message out in person

ICAA Forums – where industry leaders meet face to face

Twice a year, ICAA and key industry leaders meet in person to discuss industry needs and to brainstorm solutions. These events are not only fertile fields for thought, discussion and networking, but also an excellent opportunity for you to further your brand identity among some of the largest multi-location operators in North America.

$15,795 (limited number available)

Conference sponsorships

ICAA's Conference, Summit and Expo 2021 (in-person or online) also offers a number of sponsorship opportunities. When you sponsor a presentation or event your name is visible for the duration of the activity - in front of professionals dedicated enough to spend several days of their lives learning and sharing information about the Active-Aging industry they work in. To learn about all these opportunities, click here.

Put your company on display: the ICAA Conference, Summit and Expo 2021

The ICAA Conference, Summit and Expo 2020 takes place in Long Beach, California. This year's theme "Aging well: The great disruptor" deals with the $4.2 trillion worldwide wellness industry that's changing the way everyone - especially older adults - lives and works. Our 2020 Conference, Summit and Expo offers several ways for you to connect with the industries serving the more than 100 million Americans over 50 who share our vision.

Reserving a booth at the ICAA Conference, Summit and Expo 2020 puts you in an environment conducive to networking and relationship building and the opportunity to come away with key prospects and customers.

Ask for conference rate card by emailing us at info@icaa.cc


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