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Technical specifications and image guidelines

ICAA Product and Service Guide

Format: high-resolution PDF or 300 dpi .jpg, .tif or .eps
Size: at least 1000 pixels or 3 inches wide recommended

Think high-quality, informative content. No embedded words or logos, please.
Format: high-resolution PDF or 300 dpi .jpg, .tif or .eps
Orientation: full-page vertical image (or able to work as vertical image)
Size: full page image surrounded by white margins: 7.125” x 9.65” or full-page image that bleeds off the page:

  • trim size: 8.125” x 10.75”
  • submitted size (includes 0.125” bleeds indicated on all 4 sides): 8.375” x 11”
  • live area: 7.125” x 9.86” (all live elements at least 0.5” from trim)

An optional caption of up to 20 words may be suggested. Copy may be edited.

Print advertising specifications for the Journal on Active Aging

Where models appear, older models are strongly recommended.

A stock image must be licensed for third-party publication.

Signed releases must be on file for models in in-house images.

ICAA will ask you to make changes to images that do not meet the above specs.

Questions? Email us at advertising@icaa.cc.


Home page banner ad
Size: 765 x 95 pixels, 72 ppi

Banner specifications for ICAA News and ICAA Research Review
Banner advertisements must be submitted as a low- resolution jpeg file (72 ppi), 600 pixels wide x 300 pixels high. Materials may be submitted by email.

Showroom and Supply Chain e-mails
Logo format: 300 pixels wide (300 ppi) .jpg, .tif or .eps
Image size: 600 pixels wide x 400 pixels high is recommended (300 ppi) .jpg, .tif or .eps

To learn more about partnering with ICAA, call us toll-free 1-866-335-9777 or 604-734-4466 or email us at info@icaa.cc


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