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ICAA Wellness Audit

ICAA Wellness AuditThe planning tool for a wellness-based culture

How well is your organization integrating wellness across all departments? Are the places and spaces you have adequate? Are your programs gaining optimal usage? These are just a few of the many questions that need to be answered to ensure you are meeting your wellness objectives.

The ICAA Wellness Audit is the strategic planning tool that gives you a bird’s-eye view of the people, places and programs available across the organization. From this perspective you see how effectively infrastructure, programs and staffing deliver mission through wellness culture. Your decisions are informed, and informed decisions have impact.

What is a wellness audit?

An audit is an objective method to evaluate how effectively and efficiently an area is performing. The ICAA Wellness Audit was developed for organizations that value a wellness culture focused on the quality of life of the people served. By identifying wellness opportunities, both successful and inadequate, the ICAA Wellness Audit crosses departmental silos to reveal the baseline that can be used for future initiatives.

Use the ICAA Wellness Audit to:

  • Identify capacity for wellness across all departments
  • Analyze the current situation, where the location is “at” today
  • Determine big picture capital needs
  • Pinpoint staffing structure and training needs
  • Locate areas of weakness and areas of strength
  • Frame an action plan to improve or maintain wellness

Who can use the ICAA Wellness Audit?

The audit is an online business tool available to ICAA Organizational and ICAA 100 members in senior living, active adult and other age-restricted housing communities. If you are an ICAA Individual Member, then it’s simple to upgrade to the Organizational level for one or more communities.

ICAA Wellness Audit reports guide targeted decisions

A multilevel reporting function captures the input for analysis. As each senior living community is described, the type of property is entered, allowing comparisons with others.

  • The audit analyzes the capacity for wellness across all departments and areas.
  • The report for a stand-alone community compares the input describing that community to others in the industry.
  • Within a multi-location organization, individual communities conduct the audit. This allows corporate managers to compare one community to another, to compare each location to all in the corporate group, and to compare the communities to others in the industry.
  • The more communities in the ICAA Wellness Audit system, the better the comparisons. Start planning for an audit today.

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