What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.

About us

Industry advisory board

Composed of experts from such diverse professions as wellness, senior living communities, corporate fitness and the media, this group focuses on identifying and responding to needs in industries serving older adults.

  • Ginger Anzalone, MBA, Vesta Facilities Management
  • Lawrence Biscontini, MA, findLawrence.com
  • Mike Glick, Director of Marketing, Ensure
  • Terry Fay, BA, Senior Lifestyle Corporation
  • Jeff Glaze, MBA, ABHOW
  • Cynthia Green, PhD, Total Brain Health
  • Barbara Kleger, BS, Kleger associates, a division of KD Partners, LLC
  • Kim Lehmann, MS, Touchmark
  • Brenda Loube, MS, Corporate Fitness Works
  • Jan Montague, MGS, Whole-Person Wellness Solutions, Inc.
  • Martha Schram, BS, Aegis Therapies
  • Kathy Smith, BBA, Kathy Smith Lifestyles
  • Kay Van Norman, MS, Brilliant Aging
  • Ronda Watson, RD, Atria Senior Living
  • Karen Woodward, Premium Performance Training

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