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ICAA Network

Discover the power of wellness and a new way to generate revenue with ICAA Network

Are you looking to enhance your residents' wellness experiences and generate additional revenue? The ICAA Network is here to help. Our network partner companies provide wellness speakers, programs, tabletop demonstrations, and more to benefit your residents and staff, all while paying your organization for each opportunity to come into your community.

By opting into the ICAA Network, ICAA organizational and ICAA 100 members can offer new and exciting wellness experiences while earning extra revenue to fund additional programming or product purchases. And for multi-location operators, this can result in significant earnings.

But that's not all. The ICAA Network also offers a Monthly Content Package from Growing Bolder, providing your community with fresh and exciting content every month, including videos, articles, memes, podcasts, and the Growing Bolder digital magazine. Strengthen relationships with your residents and attract prospective residents, all at no additional cost.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to revolutionize the way your residents experience wellness. Join the ICAA Network today and start reaping the benefits.


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