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About us

ICAA Forums: A history of accomplishment

ICAA Forums are the think tanks of active aging. The purpose of the meetings is to move the industry forward by mobilizing the collective knowledge of leaders who promote the concepts of active aging.

By bringing together thought leaders from many organizations—both private and public—to discuss mutual challenges, ICAA’s meetings promote understanding and cohesive action around the ultimate goal: health and quality of life as people age.

Organizations are invited because their leadership believes in active aging and they have the ability to influence direction on a large scale. ICAA 100 Members are key to the group’s success.

In open discussion and in breakout groups, delegates identify issues and brainstorm solutions. Recommended projects are prioritized based on four fundamentals.

Actionable: Actions can be taken to implement the recommendation.
Feasible: The delegates and ICAA have the resources to implement.
Practical: The recommendation can be used by professionals and organizations.
Universal: The project will apply to many organizations, for the betterment of all.

To learn more about ICAA Strategy Sessions, please contact Colin Milner

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