What's new: Unlocking the future: Closing the gap between consumer expectations and community offerings in senior living report.


A comprehensive federal agenda for older adult nutrition can help support active aging

"With National Nutrition Month concluding in March, now is a good time to focus on nutrition overall and the challenges older adults can face to access nutritious food. Active aging is very difficult to achieve without proper nutrition; malnutrition can lead to a higher risk of falls and to loss of muscle mass (also known as sarcopenia), a big concern for the aging population."

Tao of Lifestyle Growth Part 4: Engagement

"How do you define that buzz word “engagement”? We all know the text-book definition…simply the act of participating or being involved but on a deeper level, what does that really mean? How do you make engagement meaningful and have the greatest impact on the wellbeing of individuals working and living in the community?"

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