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how long are you planning for programming (closures and changes)?


Kathy O'Toole  April 03, 2020

I would suggest having a plan to phase in programming based on guidelines issued by your state/government, as well as your desire to "do what's right" In Phase 1, you plan for reopening. You re-train staff in new guidelines for admittance to your facilities/amenities. You educate and communicate to your members/attendees that things may look very different. In Phase 2, you reopen under new guidelines: no group classes, or classes with smaller numbers (social distancing of 6 feet based on room size). You open fitness centers with limited access to equipment (i.e. eliminate dumbells and mats, other things that are not easily cleaned, every other treadmill/spin bike, etc...). You GAIN the confidence of your residents/members by rolling out a plan that provides for the safety of your staff and members/residents. Phase 3: you gradually relax guidelines in accordance with state/government, and with the "feel" of receptiveness of your base. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I base my comments on what is coming out of Hong Kong post Covid.

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  • Jim Binder  April 22, 2020 Great advice Kathy. Thank You ... More details

Becca Rhoades-Carver  March 21, 2020

We are planning for 8 weeks but hoping to have things open sooner.

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Jacquie Stebbings  March 20, 2020

Better to plan and prepare for a worst case scenario (6mo+) and be accused of being an alarmist than to be caught not having made a plan. I recommend identifying 3-4 scenarios of varying levels of illness and fallout (as well as time frames). Make a plan and a preparation list for each scenario and get to work.
You do not want to be caught needing to make a plan when action is called for.

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